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Terminal Blocks

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Schlegel Terminal Blocks

Schlegel’s terminal blocks are IEC sectional terminals for use in industrial applications. They are particularly suitable for electric machine control systems, switchgear and control, distribution and measuring systems, as well as for lifts and construction equipment. The terminals are suitable for high and low voltage for DC and AC. Schlegel’s screw-type terminals are the smallest terminals on the market with regard to their height, length (across the support rail) and width (in line with the rail). At the same time they have a relatively large clamping space and short assembly times.

 Secure Wire Insertion due to:

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  1. Guiding walls next to wire insertion opening of the metal body
  2. Reliable opening of the clamp when loosening the screws (because wire protection bracket snap-fits below screw head)  and
  3. Limitation of clamping space by the lower part of the wire protection bracket, thus no slipping of single wires or strands.

The Schlegel company was founded in 1945 and the first "Schlegel terminal" was introduced in 1950. Key conditions for the initial design were safe operation and functionality

There are presently millions of terminals by Schlegel in use worldwide and all share high quality features and worldwide safety agency approval.

Today’s ever changing market calls for an increasing range of products. The ability to offer top quality in all areas, from design concept through after sales, requires great teamwork throughout the organization. The goals Schlegel has set in terms of quality, functionality and technical operating safety were a result of decades of experience in development, fabrication and testing. Schlegel continuously strives to meet higher levels of quality and demonstrates this through its ISO 9001 certification and procedures.

Schlegel Terminal Block Catalog (54 pg PDF)



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