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Bypass or Transfer Switches



Need a manual maintenance bypass or transfer switch for your UPS or UPS system? Control Switches International is the leading supplier of manual bypass and maintenance bypass switches. We have supplied open switches and fully engineered enclosed bypass and transfer panels to all the major UPS manufacturers. Our in-house UPS panel design experience cannot be matched by any other cam switch manufacturer. Contact us for your critical application, we will custom tailor a system to your specific requirements. (If you have an UPS installation, you should consider a maintenance bypass switch that will allow you to safely and completely service the UPS while keeping your critical load on-line.)




Csii offers a variety of cam switches to transfer power, whether it's a single pole off/on switch or a multiple pole double throw switch, we can supply you with a switch designed to your specifications. If you don’t see what you need in the standard switching program catalog (pdf below), just give us a call. One of our sales engineers will help you design a switch for your specific application.

Standard Switching Programs (14 pg PDF)

Blank X-Diagram Sheet (1 pg PDF)

Most bypass switches have special configurations due to the make-before-break design.
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