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Schlegel Contact Blocks, Series M

Schlegel’s modular M series contact blocks are color coded for easy visual reference. The contact block modules fit together and then they snap into the module holder for quick assembly. Schlegel’s M contacts can be combined for up to five module units per operator (button). Modular contacts allow more “standard” customization for the customer’s requirements. Each block has finger proof terminals for safety.

The contact blocks shown below are only a small sampling of what is available. Please open the attached (pdf) catalog for a complete list of products, the technical specifications as well as the bulbs available for the lighted units in this series.

Description Part Number
Item Socket
Module Holders
mhr 3 For 3 elements MHR3  
For 5 elements MHR5   
Contact Blocks
1-NC MTO  
1-NC, late break MTON  
1-NO MTI  
1-NC, early make MTIV  
MT97 1

1NO + 1 NO early make


For Emergency Stops
MTOSF 1 1NC + 1NO early make (and 1 safety contact),
self monitoring contact block
But only requires 2 spaces in the module holder
 MTOSFE 1 1NC (+1NO) self monitoring contact block
This block only requires one space in the module holder
Latching module. MF  
Maintained, Illuminated (w/socket)
Latch-type module with lamp socket MFL BA9S
Lamp/Connection Modules
Lamp module with socket only (no lamp) ML BA9S


Suitable actuators:
- DUX-Standard



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