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Solenoid Locked Switches

Control Switches International, Solenoid Lock Device - Type SL


Usage of CSII’s solenoid lock is for applications where a standard padlock will not provide adequate system protection needed for the user.   The solenoid lock will provide a method to inhibit switch rotation through system controls that are not readily defeated by a system operator or unauthorized personnel.  A solenoid lock will always be “On guard” as opposed to requiring someone to remember to insert a padlock to prevent rotation.   A solenoid lock can also be set up with your system controls to only allow rotation when the system is ready or when all power has been removed.

Some Typical Applications:

  • UPS Systems – Transfer inhibit
  • Generator - Voltage Change Lockout
  • Variable Speed Drives
  • Disconnects
  • Transit Systems
  • Industrial Controls

Standard Features:

  • Rugged Design
  • Heavy Duty Operator
  • Reliable/Trouble Free
  • Quiet - No AC Hum
  • 1/8” thick metal construction
  • Nylon Locking Cam

Two locking operational types are offered:

  1. Lock switch when the solenoid is energized, power applied.
  2. Lock switch when the solenoid is de-energized, power removed.

AC or DC standard voltages are offered for operation in most standard environments.  
12 and 24 VDC
120, 208, 220 and 240 VAC
Contact us for other voltages.

Fuse block is exterior mounted for easy wiring and fuse replacement.

Dimensions (mm/in)    
For use with 132, 90, and 65mm mountings:
Height Width Depth
201 / 7.9 127 / 5 56 / 2.2



Ordering information required:

  1. Switch contact closure program.
  2. Switch amperage and voltage, KW or HP.
  3. Type of application and special considerations.
  4. Solenoid lock type, energize or de-energize to lock.
  5. Positions to be locked, note that the solenoid can be set up to allow adjacent positions to be unlocked when preventing rotation to a third or fourth position.  Contact us with your special needs.
  6. Voltage of the solenoid (AC or DC).
  7. Thickness of the mounting panel (extra long switch shaft available).
  8. Marking/engraving of the nameplate.

CSII does CUSTOM DESIGNS daily.  Contact us for any of your special needs.


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